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The Ultimate Guide To Planning a Stag Do Abroad


What better way to give the groom-to-be a send off into matrimony than to organise a stag do abroad? It's a fantastic chance to get everyone together, and with destinations outside of the UK you can add adventure and class to the trip. Use our easy tips and tricks, and we'll help you plan the perfect stag do with no hassle!

Picking your Partners in Partying

Deciding who to invite on the stag can be a bit of a minefield, trying not to step on anyone's toes or offending anyone. The last thing you want is awkwardness or factions on the trip - it's all about the groom having a good time after all! A group of 5-15 should usually suffice, and it can be best to leave family members, in-laws-to-be and work colleagues at home (a safer, second gathering down the local can always be arranged when you return).

Think of your buddies when you’re budgeting

There are some fantastic destinations for stag do holidays that don't have to break the bank. When planning the groom's last hoorah, be sure to bear in mind the budget of the other guests - some may have less disposable cash to play with. Preparation is key, and can help you grab the ideal stag do abroad with ease, getting you great deals on flights and accommodation. also lets guests log in and pay their share - meaning you don't have the task of collecting everyone's money separately!

Notice the importance of notice

Make sure everyone is given lots of notice - families and work can make it difficult for some people to get away, so by keeping everything together on and organising well in advance, you'll ensure all the groom's guests will be able to join the fun! Also make sure you leave plenty of recovery time from when you return until the big day - just in case any tying to a lamppost/far-travelling ferry incidents occur (the bride to be will thank you for this!).

Do your homework for playtime!

So you've got your flights and hotel booked, what's next? It's a good idea to research your stag do destination for any tourist attractions, activities of interest, local nightlife - and the cost of a pint! Consider the interests of the group, and make sure you get lots of delicious local cuisine throughout the days - lest anyone peak too early or end up vomiting on local landmarks! When looking at extra activities, be sure to check that they accept stag do parties - sometimes the perception of boozed up Brits aren't the preferred clientele, and you don't want to be turned away at the door!

Have fun, but be considerate - Don’t spoil your friend’s big (stag-do) day!

If you have a competitive streak, drinking games can help bring participants together if they're from different walks of the future groom's life. Dares and pranks are also a brilliant way to humiliate -ahem - send him off, as well as providing comedy. Use your judgment with this though - if the stag is not the type to appreciate such mockery, don't put him through it - this is all for him after all. Also keep in mind that some jokes (shaved eyebrows, luridly dyed hair, for example) may seem a stroke of genius after a few drinks, but not so funny the morning after (and do not make good wedding photos!). Appointing someone to attend to the groom's safety can be a good move, especially if some of your party are prone to crossing lines or misperceptions after one too many!

So there you have it, use to take the tedium out of planning your stag do holiday, so you can focus on the good stuff, getting there and making sure the groom has an awesome time!