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Sports & Events with MyBreakTrip

MyBreakTrip is ideal for Sports and Events! Whether you’re organising a group trip for your friends or your sports club or whether you’re looking for travel buddies to follow you on your trip. Alternatively, you can join someone else’s trip by visiting the Trip Board to view all open trips.


Tell me more about the Sport trips

This could work for both private and public trips. Private are ideal for sport clubs which wish to organise trips for their members. Public trips are ideal for people seeking travel buddies.

Let’s take an example of a public trip…

Imagine John, a marathon runner, who wants to travel to New York in November to run the marathon and he is looking for travel buddies to follow him. John creates his trip on MyBreakTrip so his trip appears on the Trip Board. Other marathon runners join John’s trip and start interacting about the trip’s details (e.g. budget, duration, flights & hotel).

All travellers on this trip will benefit from...

  • Cheaper deal because the larger the group the lower the cost for everyone
  • Meet & Connect with other marathon runners
  • Paying individually online for the trip
  • Set your itineraries the way you wish (e.g. dates, duration, activities, budget, etc.)
  • Save time by organising everything quickly and into a single place

If I join a group trip, do I have to stick with the rest? Not really. You could just book your flights and hotel room and benefit from a cheaper deal when booking as group instead of solo.

The options are limitless. A private or public trip can be used for any type of sports event like the Olympics in Rio, Football games abroad, Sport tournaments and so on.

MyBreakTrip is ideal for any team sport. Whether you're organising a private trip abroad for your club or wish to connect & travel with other people sharing the same passion as you.

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How about Events abroad?

Absolutely! You can use MyBreakTrip to create or join a group trip for any event (e.g. Adele in the US or Beyonce in France)

For example, Jenny wants to attend Taylor Swift’s concert in Berlin. Jenny can either create a private trip for her friends only or a public trip to find travel buddies to follow her.

Jenny creates a private trip for her girlfriends and sends our trip invitations via Facebook or Email. The invitees start joining the trip and help Jenny to set up the itinerary. 


How It Works?