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Subscribing new members on MyBreakTrip

Subscribe new members on MyBreakTrip and get £10 travel credit for each one you bring on board (up to £100) . To get the travel credit, your invitees need to create a new account on MyBreakTrip and enter your unique “Promo Code” while registering. This is how we’ll know they come from you.

How it works?
We have a new feature now called "promo code". The promo code is a unique code assigned to each of our existing members and its format is a mixture of letters and numbers (e.g. "NG123").
So you can use this unique promo code as your identifier for signing up new members on MyBreakTrip and get your £10 travel credit for every new member that you bring on board. At the same time, each new member is also awarded with £10 travel credit.
Let's take an example...Maria, an existing member of MyBreakTrip, would like to subscribe John, Paris and Kelly (3 of her family members) and Jenny and Jackie (2 of her friends) onto MyBreakTrip. Maria’s unique promo code is “MK155" which can be found below her profile picture when she logins at her profile.
So all 5 new members enter Maria’s promo code (MK155) during their registration on MyBreakTrip ( That’s an easy & quick £50 off for Maria. At the same time, all 5 new members will also get £10 travel credit each credited on their MyBreakTrip Account.
Remember to tell the new members to enter your promo code otherwise the subscriptions will not be identified.
Where can I find my Promo Code?

Log into your MyBreakTrip profile and you can find your promo code below your profile picture. Copy & paste this promo code and share it with everyone you intend to invite on MyBreakTrip. This is how we'll identify that the new member has been invited by you!

What happens with members registering via Facebook or GMAIL log in?

In this case, the promo code cannot be added during registration so you will need to email and provide the email address and name of the person who subscribed using either of these two methods.

Terms & Conditions
- The new member invited by an existing member must have his/her account activated.
- The new subscriber must have the existing member’s promo code inputted during registration (exceptions apply with registering  using Facebook or GMAIL).
- The new member must have a profile picture uploaded and his/her profile completed. There are four sections on every member’s profile that must be completed; (1) Edit Personal Info, (2) Edit Travelling Likes, (3) Edit Dream Locations.
- Every new member must be UK based. If a member is not UK based then the travel credits for referring that member will be valid only if the non UK based member makes a booking via MyBreakTrip. MyBreakTrip reserves the right to use IP location trackers to verify the location of the member.
- The discount (travel credit) of £10 will not be redeemed in cash but will be offered as a discount on the awarded member’s next trip organised, booked and paid via MyBreakTrip.
- The maximum amount of promotion awarded to each member of MyBreakTrip is £100 (10 subscriptions X £10 each).
- MyBreakTrip reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time although full credit will be given for discount earned up to the date of discontinuance.
- MyBreakTrip travel credits are not reusable if you cancel a reservation where the credits were applied.