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You and your friends have the chance to win travel credits to use on any future trip with MyBreakTrip. Help us grow our Traveller Community and we'll reward you with £10 travel credit for every new member you subscribe on MyBreakTrip! We'll also reward your friend as well with £10 travel credit.

That sounds how do I become an Ambassador?

It is really easy and quick! You just need to subscribe your friends or others on MyBreakTrip using your promo code. For every person you subscribe on MyBreakTrip (using your promo code), you will receive £10 travel credit (maximum £100) which you can use on any trip. To receive the travel credit, your invitees need to register on MyBreakTrip and enter your promo code. This is how we'll know they come from you.

How does it work?
Every member on MyBreakTrip has a unique promo code (e.g. "NK123"). Just share your promo code amongst the people you intend to sign-up on MyBreakTrip. They just need to enter it while they register on this page >
That's all. Once a new member is registered using your promo code, you will receive £10 travel credit and at the same time your friend will also receive £10 travel credit. It is a "win-win" on both sides.
Where is my Promo Code?
If you're an existing member, your promo code can be found once you log into your profile under your profile picture.
If you're a new member, your promo code will be assigned to you within 48 hours of your registration. 
In both cases, just copy & paste your promo code and share it with everyone you wish to subscribe on MyBreakTrip. This is how we'll know they come from you. 
What if people use Facebook or GMAIL to sign-up?
In this case, the promo code cannot be entered, so please email with their email addresses or name so that we add it for them.
For any questions, please contact us at use the LiveChat feature.