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Travellers use MyBreakTrip to organise group trips of 10, 20 or more people into a single place without hassle and time waste.


Have you ever struggled to organise a group trip for 10, 20 or 30 people? Did you find it challenging to get everyone on board to make a decision on a quote or collect the money manually?

Not anymore! Using our free 1-stop shop digitised service, you can build and book your group trip with minimal effort in just a few days rather than weeks or months so you save time & money! 

So whether, you're looking to book a group trip for mates or family or a stag/hen do, MyBreakTrip is the right tool for you.

Ready to start? REGISTER today using the promo code "GROUP" & get £100 discount on your first trip!





  • Create your trip in seconds or join someone else's trip with 1-click
  • Invite your friends to join your trip or find travel buddies
  • Build you group itinerary the way you wish (e.g. flights, accommodation, destination(s), dates, budget, activities, etc.)
  • Sit comfortably and wait until our suppliers (e.g. Expedia, Jet2, Neilson, Olympic Holidays, etc.) give you the best group quotes. No need to waste hours searching tons of websites
  • Pay online individually & track payment need to chase people to collect the cash
  • Book your group trip in a couple of days instead of months which is usually what it takes!
  • 100% Financial Guarantee at all times via Travel Trust Association.



Travellers use MyBreakTrip to organise private trips with friends or family (e.g. stag/hen dos, a ski trip with mates, a large family trip, a company trip and so on).
A group of 15 people managed to book a group trip in just 5 days where it would normally take weeks or months to do it manually.


Travellers also use MyBreakTrip to find travel buddies in what we call public trips. Travellers can group by age, interest, event, hobby and so on.
For example a group of 30 people, travelling to Germany for a concert or a festival, would benefit from a cheaper deal by booking the trip as group instead of individually and get to meet others sharing something in common. The same applies for a sports event like a football game abroad or to run the Marathon in New York.

Ready to start? REGISTER today using the promo code "GROUP" & get £100 discount on your first trip!



Watch our animation below to learn how MyBreakTrip works or you can read below for more information! Rotate your mobile if you can't view the video
"I am a solo/single traveller, so how can I use MyBreakTrip?"

MyBreakTrip is ideal for solo travellers! You can connect & travel with other travellers from our website by visiting our TRAVELLER HUB or browsing the TRIP BOARD. You could also create your own public trip and we will help you find travel buddies. There are 2 main benefits when travelling as a group instead of solo; (1) you will most definitely get a cheaper deal when booking as a group and (2) you will get the chance to make new friends/socialise with others.

Ready to start? REGISTER today using the promo code "GROUP" & get £100 discount on your first trip!

Welcome to MyBreakTrip


"Can I organise a hen party or stag do?"

Absolutely! MyBreakTrip is the perfect tool to help you organise a hen party or stag go. Leave behind all the hassle and time wasted to communicate to everyone, to search for quotes or deals, to get everyone to decide and finally to collect payments. Everything you need happens into a single place. You can plan, communicate, organise, collect quotes provided by our UK tour operators, pay individually and enjoy your trip!


"MyBreakTrip for Sport Events"

MyBreakTrip is ideal for any team sport. Whether you're organising a private trip abroad for your club or wish to connect & travel with other people sharing the same passion as you.

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"We're 4 friends and looking to travel abroad, so how can we use MyBreakTrip?"

MyBreakTrip makes group travelling easy so that all travellers benefit from quick and easy booking as well as cheaper deals. A small group of 4 people can group with other travellers wishing or happening to travel to the same destination, dates and similar budget, for example. Everyone will benefit from a cheaper deal and have the option to meet other people.

"We're a couple travelling to Argentina, so how can we use MyBreakTrip?"

You can use MyBreakTrip to group with other couples travelling to Argentina. All you need to do is to CREATE or JOIN a PUBLIC trip with other couples. You can set your budgets, dates, activities, etc and all benefit from a cheaper deal instead of travelling separately.

"How about family trips or travelling with friends?"

You can do both on MyBreakTrip! We have what we call PRIVATE trips where the Group Leader selects who to travel with. PRIVATE trips are only visible to the Group Leader and the invited travellers.

"Who can be a Group Leader?"
Any traveller subscribed on MyBreakTrip. Group Leaders are regular travellers who like to organise group trips for others. So REGISTER today and CREATE your trip your way!
"What happens when I join a trip?"
When you (as a traveller) join a trip created by someone else, you just declare your interest for this trip. There is absolutely no financial commitment when you join the trip so you can drop off at any time. You only commit when you actually decide to pay for the trip using WorldPay's online secure system.
"Who is providing the quotes?"
Selected and approved UK tour operators. We have agreements with selected UK tour operators/holiday suppliers which have been previously been screened by us. See below a few of the companies we're working with
So what are you waiting for? or REGISTER and create your trips in seconds or just browse on the TRIP BOARD to find opens trips to JOIN.