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Planning a Ski Trip?


So come on and let's get started! Skiing season is just around the corner! Try MyBreakTrip and enjoy all the new exciting features that our website can offer you! 

Are you planning your ski holiday for your friends or family...or maybe you know the organiser? We're running a promotion where you will receive 15% discount on any ski trip booked via MyBreakTrip. If you wish to receive the promotion then CLICK HERE to Register Now & use the promo code SKI001

Book a Group Family Skiing Trip!

If you are looking to organise your annual family skiing holiday without hassle and without wasting time, then create a private trip. You will be the Group Leader of trip and you can invite all your family members to join it. The 15% discount is applicable here as well. The MyBreakTrip team is here to help you so drop us an email at

You can get 15% on all ski trips!

All you need to do is Register & using the promo code SKI001 and we'll do the rest for you!

Book a Group Skiing Trip for your Mates!

Are you looking to book your skiing holiday with your mates? Thinking of booking a group ski holiday to France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy or elsewhere?  You can create a private trip and invite all your friends via email to join your trip. The 15% discount is applicable here as well.  So all you need to do is sign-up now, use the promo code SKI001 and create your trip.

CLICK HERE to Register Now & use the promo code SKI001

Why use MyBreakTrip for your trip?

We specialise in group trips. Our website is the perfect tool to eliminate all the hassle and wasted time when booking a group trip. Read below the benefits of using our all-in-one trip booking approach where everything takes places into our website!

  • Setup your trip in just a few seconds or simply join someone else's trip with 1 click
  • Invite your friends or family to join your trip
  • Chat with all travellers about your trip in to a single place
  • Set your itineraries the way you wish (e.g. dates, duration, activities, budget, etc.)
  • No need to waste numerous hours browsing various websites to find deals or quotes matching your needs...let our suppliers do that for you
  • Choose from multiple quotes on MyBreakTrip (or vote if you have to) more countless emails, whatapps or meetings to discuss options
  • Pay online individually & track payment need to chase people around to collect the cash
  • Pay less for your trip when booking as large group
  • Book your group trip in couple of days instead of months which is usually what it takes

Please check out our how it works page by clicking here