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What is MyBreakTrip?
MyBreakTrip is an online marketplace for group travellers and holiday suppliers. Travellers using our online service can organise everything required for their group trip (between 6 and 50 people) into a single place. When a group trip request is submitted, our holiday suppliers (e.g. Expedia, Jet2, Neilson, TUI, etc.) provide quotes so MyBreakTrip works as a new channel for them to make business.
Our 1-stop shop trip booking experience helps travellers to plan & organise a group trip end-to-end without hassle or time waste. All the trip planning, traveller communication, requesting and choosing group quotes and paying individually for a group holiday take place electronically into our platform.
Why have we built MyBreakTrip?
We're passionate about travelling! We’ve built MyBreakTrip to help travellers to organise or join group trips in an easy, quick and automated way to reduce the hassle and the time waste that happens when a group of 15 people try to organise a trip.
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Have you ever struggled to organise a group trip for 10, 15 or 20 people?
Existing travel planning websites do not offer a centralised 1-stop shop booking process for groups (6 to 50 travellers), e.g. a single platform where travellers can organise end-to-end a group trip.
The whole effort to organise a group trip end-to-end is a painful and time consuming process. 
The normal timeline to set up a trip for 6 people or more is likely to be from 2 to 6 months because it involves a series of activities that must happen before the trip takes place as the following link demonstrates ( 
Currently, most of these activities are being done manually as travellers usually… 
1. Use Facebook, Email or Whatsapp to communicate with everyone. Even for a small group of travellers (2-4), travellers spend on average over 3 hours talking to friends and another 3 hours + to decide just the duration of the holiday. 
2. Spend many hours (up to 5 hours for flight search and over 4 hours for hotel) searching on various websites. When it comes to group trips, even more time is required because the majority of the search engines limit the search for packages (flights & hotel) to 6 or 9 people so travellers need to collect group quotes manually from various suppliers.
This means that…
  • Getting everyone on the same page and at the same time for a trip of 10-15+ is very challenging.
  • Collecting money from everyone to pay for the trip is a nightmare for the trip organiser


Use MyBreakTrip to save time & money
MyBreakTrip takes away all the hassle and time wasted to plan & organise a group trip. Our website is specifically designed to help travellers set up or join group trips with  just a few clicks.
  • Set up your trip in just a few seconds or simply join someone else's trip with 1 click
  • Invite your friends or family to join your private trip…or find travel buddies to follow you on a public trip. Solo/single or small groups of travellers can easily connect & travel with like-minded people.
  • Chat with all travellers about your trip in a single place
  • Set your itineraries the way you wish (e.g. dates, duration, activities, budget, etc.)
  • Our suppliers / partners will provide you with the best quotes … no need to waste hours browsing various websites to find quotes
  • Choose from multiple quotes on MyBreakTrip (or use the voting feature if people can't agree which quote is best)
  • Pay online individually & track payment need to chase people to collect cash
  • Pay less for your trip when booking as large group (group discount)
  • Book your group trip in couple of days instead of months which is usually what it takes
  • Rate both the Group Leader and the Supplier
How does MyBreakTrip make money?
MyBreakTrip's revenue derives from commissions earned from our travel suppliers when a deal concludes.
A deal is concluded when a group of travellers has purchased/booked (and therefore has paid for) a holiday based on a quote provided from one of our partners / suppliers / ourselves on our website.
MyBreakTrip gains a commission out of each deal depending on the commercial agreement in place with each of the suppliers / partners and the type of holiday. Usually, the gross commission varies from between 3%-20% of the price depending on various factors such as type of holiday, luxury level, destination, duration, accommodation type and product (e.g. ski, corporate, etc.). This is our primary source of income and has contributed 100% to the overall revenue of the company so far.


We're proud about our achievements so far!

We’re very proud about our achievements so far and we’re looking forward to achieving even more in the coming months and years.

  • A bright idea on paper materialised into a trading product despite limited resources
  • Secured investment of £65K to kick off
  • Attracted over 1,500 verified members and booked over 100 trips
  • Became agents for huge brands like Expedia, Jet2, Olympic Holidays, Thomson, etc.
  • Changed our product to adapt quickly and efficiently based on the feedback from of our customers
  • Managed to recruit part-time sales people (on a commission basis) to help us secure more deals & subscribers


Sponsor MyBreakTrip & benefit from its success

We have completed the proof of concept phase. With limited available resources, we’ve managed to convert a business idea into a trading product with over 1,500 members and 100+ completed trips. This demonstrates that our members have successfully used our product to create or join group trips. Everyone we’ve talked to believes that this is a great idea and would happily use our online service to create or join group trips.

Our primary focus, at present, is to grow the company and demonstrate its true potential. To do that we require further funding so that we invest it in key areas which are going to boost our growth.

We've estimated our investment needs to be £250k for this round. 

While the primary objective of the funding is to grow the company, our desire is also to establish a state-of-the-art online service which will truly revolutionise online group travelling. 
The funding will be mainly used in relation to employing sales and marketing personnel, and on marketing, technology and general & administration (G&A).
The chart below shows how we believe the usage of the first tranche of funding will be distributed among the various areas of focus.


Get in Touch

This page is just a high level summary of our business case. If you wish to find out more about the team behind, financials or our business in more detail, please drop us an email: 

We’re currently collecting potential interest of how many people are likely to invest. Naturally, an indication of interest creates no obligation and we are just trying to get an idea of those people who might be interested in investing.